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3 Words for 2022

3 words

I don't bother with New Year resolutions. But I do like to choose 3 words for the year to follow. This is an exercise that was developed by Chris Brogan back some time ago. It is a wonderful thing to go through. I typically start out with a list of 10-20 words and then think about each one and then whittle the list down until I get my words.

Here they are - 3 words for 2022

Lead - for the first time in my career I have the opportunity to lead a small team. This is also I great time for me to use my expertise and be a leader not a follower. It's time and I'm ready.

Explore - use my curiosity to do and look in to things that I have wanted to do but haven't for whatever reason. Find new things/ hobbies that I may be interested. Take more chances - business, finances, life...

Motion - keep moving. I'm applying this to my body - exercise get back in shape. Also to life in general, no more sitting around and waiting for things to come to me. 

There they are. It's now time for me to live them (and make my sticky note). Haven't tried 3 words yet? Give it a try.


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3 Words - 2020

Here they are, my 3 words for 2020. Funny thing I can't find my 3 words from 2019, I know I had them just didn't blog them. Shouldn't have tossed out that post-it note. Oh well on with the present. 2020 3 Words: Resilience -  Resilience is defined as "   the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness." If  the craziness of 2019 taught me anything it's that I have to be more resilient.  Having endured multiple career setbacks in 2019 it would be easy to just give up, but what fun would that be. 2020 is my year so I'm going to be tough and manage to overcome the difficulties that life throws at me. Plan - I need to make a better effort of creating concrete plans and sticking to them. If the plan doesn't work scrap it and come up with a new one...but plan. For too long I have just shown up and left things to "fate" (more on that for a later post). Stillness - Create more time for meditation, reflection

First bike ride to work of the Year!

What a great day! I rode my bike to work for the first time since Mid November. Wow, I can't belive what I was missing. There is definetly no better way to start your day than taking a 14.8 KM bike ride by the lake. I don't even care that it's raining for the ride home. Doesn't matter. I big shout out to my boy Shawner D. Carl . who has loaned me a brand new Jamis Aurora Elite to ride while he makes me a new single speed mystery machine. Excellent ride, really notice the carbon fork.I was flying, well for first the 5 km's or so and then I started to fade. Time to go put on the Shammy and ride in the rain. Later.