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3 Words for 2022

I don't bother with New Year resolutions. But I do like to choose 3 words for the year to follow. This is an exercise that was developed by Chris Brogan back some time ago. It is a wonderful thing to go through. I typically start out with a list of 10-20 words and then think about each one and then whittle the list down until I get my words. Here they are - 3 words for 2022 Lead - for the first time in my career I have the opportunity to lead a small team. This is also I great time for me to use my expertise and be a leader not a follower. It's time and I'm ready. Explore - use my curiosity to do and look in to things that I have wanted to do but haven't for whatever reason. Find new things/ hobbies that I may be interested. Take more chances - business, finances, life... Motion - keep moving. I'm applying this to my body - exercise get back in shape. Also to life in general, no more sitting around and waiting for things to come to me.  There they are. It's now