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Stepping out of the "Comfort Zone"

The "Comfort Zone"

Yeah, I know there has been lots written about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. I have read lots on the subject and although I have to agree for the most part, I haven't really put a lot of stock in it. This changed for me last week. While attending an event for work, I was asked to put on kilt and do a dance with 3 other guys in front of an audience of about 150 people. Um, let me see... NO!!!!! There was no way I was going to do this.  I like to stay in my "Comfort Zone" for the most part and this was so far removed from the norm for me.

Stepping Out- Literally

After much complaining and the amazing persistence of our 25 year old event coordinator (who by way did an amazing job!) we decided to reluctantly go ahead with the dance. The kilts and socks were ordered and it was almost show time. One problem, I had never seen the dance and had no idea what I was doing. Not to worry, we had a 5 minute run through before the event...Oh my God! Why! Putting the kilt on, I started to think that this may not be so bad after all. It felt really cool wearing the kilt. How bad could this be?

Me in a Kilt
Me in a kilt

Show Time

As we skipped into the hall, yep I said Skipped, I had a big smile on my face. This was fun, really fun. Wow. It was such an amazing feeling. I got up there and danced (badly) for about 30 seconds and then skipped back off stage. We really sucked, but it was good laugh for the folks in attendance. Something happened to me by doing this, I felt so great after the dance. 

The Result

I couldn't help but think how many times in my life I said no and didn't do something that didn't feel right. My only thinking was that I must have missed out on a lot fun, not to mention business opportunities, over the years due to my reluctance. I always talk of changing lives and life changing events and this was definitely one for me. From now on I vow to step out of my "Zone" and take some small steps to do something that doesn't feel right. 

Are you often confined to your "Zone" and afraid of what may happen if you venture out of it? Step out, who knows you it may change your life.

Thanks to Maddy for making me do this!

Here for your viewing pleasure, the exclusive video footage: Enjoy


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