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Loving the Single Speed

I have now rode my new Rossin Single Speed to work 6 times. Well new to me, it is a conversion of an old Rossin Road Bike frame and fork, with some new and old parts thrown in. I mentioned in a previous post additional details and that I would include pictures: 2nd best ride ever.

This bike is absolutely life changing. I can't stress enough how much fun the Single Speed is. It is light, looks cool and there is no worry about gears.

I spent some time this weekend working on the brakes, adding new grips etc. For the most part the build is done, however I will be adding or changing some minor parts out as I go.

Here it is:

Trav's Rossin Single Speed
Trav's Rossin Single Speed
Do your self a favour and start riding a Single Speed, you'll love it...



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