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Road Trip! Morgantown!

The Big 12 released the schedule   for the 2012 football season and so far it looks like the Sooners will be in Morgantown on Nov.17th. With Morgantown being only 6 hrs and change from Toronto, this is by far the most accessible game for us to catch the Sooners play. The drive is really easy from here and should be a fun trip for me and Dougie McD. The best part is I have run it by my wife and its OK with her...(that can definitely change, at least she has lots of notice) Now I have heard a lot of nasty rumours about the WVU fans towards visiting fans, but it should be worth it. Hopefully a lot of other Sooners will be able to make the trip. Natty up... Boomer Sooner!

Is this Wrong? Did Ballet School go too far...

My daughter came home from Ballet on Saturday and said "Daddy look at the valentines cards I got from Ballet." She was extremely excited about these cards. I was curious and took a look. They looked fine, even though they had a small logo of the school on the bottom. However...when I turned the card over it was a full advertisement for the school offering a free class. Now as a marketing guy I am all for promoting your business, product what have you. But this is just wrong. The teacher told the kids they were getting valentines cards to give to their friends, not advertisements to get your friends to join our school. I would have been OK had the teacher said "you can give these cards to your friends and there is a coupon for a free dance class for them to come try out the school. Or something along those lines. This school is using our kids to do their marketing for them. My daughter is 6 and doesn't understand what is happening here, she just sees a nice valent